Welcome to Ruby Creek Press (my home away from home)!

I'm an avid photographer living in Salida, a small town in the Rocky Mountains. I take lots of pictures and share them here and on paper. I especially like to share as postcards, partly because I like the hard-copy approach to correspondence, and the medium is an experience in itself. Corresponding via postcard is an easy way to share art; the footprint is small (offering just enough space for a short, pithy message); and I like thinking of the many hands that touch the cards on their way through the postal system. From found image to recipient can can make for an interesting journey.  

I enjoy wandering neighborhoods with my camera, but the resulting postcards are an equally big part of the process. I like handing off photos in a tangible form. And I think of the postcard as a grassroots medium. It's cheap, doesn't use much paper (no envelope required), can be enjoyed by everyone (computer or not), and the community helps get the card where it needs to go.

You can find many of my cards in the Ruby Creek Press shop. They come three in a set, or you can mix and match. Check out the galleries and then use the contact form for special orders. Otherwise, just use the shop's "Add to Cart" button.

Not all the images lend themselves to postcards, but many do. A free sample is available. Just let me know.

Most RCP photos feature scenes from the Upper Arkansas River Valley or the San Luis Valley, both in Colorado. Some are from travels or other lives in Washington, New Mexico, or Indiana.

Ruby Creek Press carries the copyright for the photographs and postcards shown on this site. If you have questions, please contact me. 

I also offer postcards developed from public domain images. You can find those at venerablevintagepress.com.

Thanks for dropping in, Pam 

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