Welcome to Ruby Creek Press (my home away from home)!

I live in Salida, a small town in the Rocky Mountains. I do a lot of walking and biking, exploring Salida's alleys and streets and am always looking for accessible and interesting roads leading out of town. I've often got my camera with me. Photos are mostly for fun and to help me feel connected, but sometimes my favorites make it to the front of a postcard. My bike is my transportation (i don't drive), so when i'm at my best, i'm outside and on the move. 

Most RCP photos feature scenes from the Upper Arkansas River Valley or the San Luis Valley, both in Colorado. Some are from other places I've lived - Washington, New Mexico, or Indiana.

Ruby Creek Press carries the copyright for all photographs (and occasional postcards). If you have questions, please contact me.

If interested, check out my postcards developed from public domain images: inktopaperpress.com.

Thanks for dropping in, Pam

(the photo above is the san luis valley, colorado - close to saguache; photo below was taken in silver city, new mexico.)

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