Welcome to Ruby Creek Press (my home away from home)!

I live in Salida, a small town in the Rocky Mountains. Much of each day is filled with picture taking, postcards & the internet. And I bike for transportation (no car), so when i'm at my best, i'm outside, but never too far from the road. 

You can find many of my cards in the Ruby Creek Press shop. They come three in a set, or you can mix and match. Check out the galleries and then use the contact form for special orders. Otherwise, just use the shop's "Add to Cart" button.

A free sample is available. Just let me know.

Most RCP photos feature scenes from the Upper Arkansas River Valley or the San Luis Valley, both in Colorado. Some are from other places I've lived - Washington, New Mexico, or Indiana.

Ruby Creek Press carries the copyright for all photographs and postcards. If you have questions, please contact me.

I also offer postcards developed from public domain images: inktopaperpress.com or venerablevintagepress.com.

Thanks for dropping in, Pam

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